Smart Desk Buying Guide

Smart Desk Buying Guide

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Looking for ideas for your home office to maximise your WFH potential?

As 2021 brings more working from home now is the time to enhance your home office with smart tech, and what better way to start than with a smart desk?

Smart Desk Features



With cable management, built in wireless charging and USB ports you'll need less cables and less devices on your desk. 

This can make a massive difference to the overall look and feel of your desk.



Electric sit stand desks allow you to adjust your desks position from sitting to standing up. 

This is great and has many health benefits, helping you to work more effectively and with more productivity.



And finally, your smart desk is way more entertaining!

Some of our desks feature built-in Bluetooth speakers for music and connecting to your computer

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Height Adjustable Smart Desks - Electric Sit Stand

SIT / STAND: Electric height adjustable desks are a game changer! At the touch of a button you can adjust the height of your desk from sitting to standing.

This allows for much more comfort, many health benefits including improving your posture and as it is electrically adjustable it can be adjusted to many different heights to suit the entire family.

You'll even find presets so at the touch of a button you can automatically adjust the desk to the perfect position.


Smart Desks With Bluetooth Speakers 

BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS: A large number of our smart desks feature built-in Bluetooth speakers. These are ideal for people who want great sound but without the desktop clutter.

No need for additional speaker units or cables. Just pair your phone or laptop and play!


Smart Desks With USB Charging

USB CHARGING: Such a simple thing, but having built in USB charging points is hugely handy! No cables, no power adaptors, just plug into the side of the smart desk for instant power.

Perfect for reducing wiring clutter when charging devices, powering devices such as Amazon Echo Dot's and much more!


Smart Desks With Wireless Charging

WIRELESS CHARGING: Most of our smart desks have a built in wireless charger which allows you to charge your smart phone without needing any cables!


Simply place your compatible smart phone on the wireless charging pad and it'll charge itself as if by magic!


Smart Desks With Storage Drawer

STORAGE: Now that you've got built in charging and speakers, we need somewhere to store your pens & other accessories.

Some smart desks such as the Koble Silas feature a built-in drawer to keep all your essentials safe and your desk clutter free.


CABLE MANAGEMENT: Built in charging points and speakers will greatly reduce the amount of clutter on, behind and under your desk.

But you'll still need to power your monitor / computer etc so look out for cable management nets, desk spines etc for a cleaner, tidier look.


Hopefully you'll now understand some of the key features of a smart desk and how they can benefit you at work and play.

If you want to discuss your smart desk further please feel free to contact our expert team by email, live chat or call 02393 190955

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