10 Of The Best In Ceiling Speakers For 2020

by Craig Walker

If you're on the market for some ceiling speakers but a bit confused about the numerous options, brands, sizes, styles etc. then look no further.

This blog has been designed to help you choose the best in ceiling speakers for your home audio project based on what other people are buying.

You'll also find a very comprehensive ceiling speaker buying guide here where we cover everything from ceiling speaker types, amplifiers, wiring etc. 




1. Lithe Audio 6.5" Bluetooth In Ceiling Speaker


  • Built in Bluetooth Receiver
  • Built in Amplifier
  • RCA Audio Input
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX & up to 30m Range

Best For: Kitchens, Bedrooms, Living Spaces etc.

Pros: All in one design requires no additional amplifier or receivers, just plug & play! Excellent value for money

Cons: Installing more than 2 speakers in an area adds up as you need to buy two pairs and link them together.

Price: £219 for a single, £299 for a pair.


2. Q Install QI65C 6.5" In Ceiling Speakers


  • Low profile Magnetic Grille
  • Two Way Design
  • Moisture Resistant Cone.

Best For: General music in kitchens, living spaces etc.

Pros: Great sound quality, discreet looks when installed

Cons: Only sold in pairs so awkward if you're looking for a 5.0 ceiling speaker system.

Price: £199 RRP - Usually around £175


3. Monitor Audio C265-IDC Three Way In Ceiling Speaker


  • Three Way Speaker
  • Environment Equaliser
  • Boundary Control

Best For: High quality music

Pros: Amazing sound quality, true three way design for enriched mids and high tones

Cons: Three way design adds a bit of depth so these require an overall depth of 153mm compared to others at 80-90mm

Price: £230 / each


3. Lithe Audio 6.5" Passive Ceiling Speakers


  • Floating tweeter
  • Kevlar Cone
  • Environment Equaliser
  • Low profile Magnetic Grille

Best For: Good quality background music, entry level home cinema, Dolby Atmos speakers etc.

Pros: Amazing value for money

Cons: Hard to fault at this price!

Price: £138 / pair


5. Q Install QI65CB 6.5" In Ceiling Speaker


  • Designed For Low Power Amplifiers
  • Low Profile Magnetic Grille

Best For: Low budget installations

Pros: Cheap, sound good for the money, low profile grille.

Cons: Lack bass, no tweeter, not great for high quality primary listening.

Price: £89.99 / pair


6. Q Install QI65CW-ST 6.5" Stereo In Ceiling Speaker


  • IP44 Water Resistant
  • 2 x Tweeters For Stereo Sound
  • Environmental Equaliser

Best For: Bathrooms, En-Suites

Pros: Water resistant, stereo sound from one speaker, great price point.

Cons: Whilst still discreet, it doesn't have a magnetic low profile grille like other speakers in the range.

Price: £180 RRP, often around £150


7. Monitor Audio CP-CT260 6.5" Controlled Performance Ceiling Speaker


  • Enclosed Design For Controlled Sound Performance
  • Two Way Design
  • Low Profile Magnetic Grille

Best For: Home Cinema, High Quality Background Music

Pros: Closed back design for optimum sound quality in any situation.

Cons: Deep, needs 155mm of ceiling void to install.

Price: £199.99 / each


8. Q Install QI80C 8" Ceiling Speakers


  • Large 8" Woofer
  • Directional Tweeter
  • Low Profile Magnetic Grille

Best For: Larger Rooms

Pros: Great sound quality, great price.

Cons: Only sold in pairs so not ideal if you're wanting to use them for home cinema.

Price: £299 RRP - Usually around £250 / pair


9. Polk Audio RC60I 6.5" In Ceiling Speakers


  • Enhanced Bass Response & Smooth Low Frequencies
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Directional Tweeter

Best For: General music in kitchens, bedrooms etc.

Pros: Great sound quality for the price. Very popular brand.

Cons: No low profile grille so they won't blend in as well as other brands at similar money.

Price: £149.99 / pair


10. Adastra C5D 5" In Ceiling Speaker


  • Two Way Design
  • Adjustable Tweeter
  • Spring Loaded Terminal Mounts

Best For: Budget audio applications in kitchens, bedrooms etc.

Pros: Surprisingly good for the very low cost

Cons: Lack bass and sound a bit "tinny" but to be expected at this price

Price: £29.99 / each



So there you have it, our top 10 in ceiling speakers for 2020. Choosing from the above list means you're unlikely to go wrong!

Of course you can contact our audio experts via live chat, email or telephone on 02393 190955 to discuss your project in greater detail and we'll be happy to help you choose the right in ceiling speaker for you.

Don't forget to visit our Sound Advice support centre for more guides, tips and advice.


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