Can I Connect Ceiling Speakers To My TV?

Can I Connect Ceiling Speakers To My TV?

Ceiling speakers can dramatically improve the sound quality from your TV provided it’s been done correctly.

There are various ways of connecting your TV to the amplifier;

  1. Connection Cable
  2. Bluetooth
  3. WISA

Most commonly you’ll want to use a cable as it’s the most reliable method.


  1. Connection Cable

You can’t go too far wrong with a good ol’ fashioned cable!

Every TV will have a wired audio output of some kind.

Most commonly now it’ll be a digital optical output.

You can wire an analog cable from your TV to the amplifier and plug it in, set your TV to line output and you’ll enjoy TV sound through your ceiling speaker system!

Two things to watch out for 1) Most modern TV’s are now dropping the analog output, most commonly the 3.5mm headphone jack. This isn’t a major problem but it does mean that you’ll need to buy a Digital To Analog Converter (DAC) to enable it to work with the majority of ceiling speaker systems which only have an analog input.

If you have a Sonos AMP or other amplifier with HDMI inputs then we’d recommend connecting it via HDMI cable.

Secondly, some ceiling speaker systems such as the Lithe Audio Bluetooth ceiling speakers do not have their own volume control so you need to ensure that your TV has a variable output (i.e the TV remote control can control the line output volume). If you only have a fixed output then the Lithe Audio speakers will play at full volume! This does not apply to amplifiers with their own built in volume controls such as the Systemline E50/E100 range or freestanding amplifiers such as the Tangent Ampster BT II.

BEST FOR: Stereo TV sound in smaller rooms such as bedrooms, smaller living areas etc. Also great for putting TV sound though kitchen ceiling speaker systems.


  1. Bluetooth

Most modern TV’s now have Bluetooth and can transmit from the television to a compatible Bluetooth speaker.

This can offer a quick and easy way to get connected.

There are a couple of things to watch out for though. Some Bluetooth ceiling speaker systems have a secure pairing method (Such as the Systemline E50) which means a TV cannot physically pair to it.

Another thing to watch out for is volume control. Older Bluetooth TV’s often transmit at full volume leaving the speaker to do the volume control. However the most popular Bluetooth ceiling speaker (Lithe Audio) does not have its own volume control so will play at full volume.

So once you’ve confirmed compatibility and volume control it’s a simple case of connecting your TV to the speaker and you’ll enjoy a much richer experience.

Personally I have an 2020 LG NanoCell TV in my TV Bed, connected to some Lithe Audio Bluetooth ceiling speakers and it sounds and works amazingly well!

BEST FOR: Stereo TV sound in smaller rooms such as bedrooms, smaller living areas etc. Also great for putting TV sound though kitchen ceiling speaker systems.

  1. WISA

WISA is a fairly new technology that allows you to transmit surround sound from compatible televisions to compatible WISA enabled speakers.

This is amazing for two reasons. 1) it allows you to retrofit without limits as you simply need to power the speaker and connect it wirelessly. There is no need for a bulky AV receiver with wires running from each speaker back to it. And 2) You can mix and match WISA enabled speakers and subwoofers from different brands which allows you completely flexibility.

WISA is fairly new, it’s very reliable and very good. But with that it’s also currently very expensive.

The only WISA enabled ceiling speaker on the market is the Lithe Audio Pro Series which gives you WiFi multiroom, Airplay 2, Bluetooth & WISA connection with the WISA module and transmitter.

You’ll need a WISA compatible TV and/or a WISA adapter to complete the system.

BEST FOR: Surround sound applications where multi channel sound quality is important.


Connecting a TV to your ceiling speaker system is both easy to do and commonly done by others.

Just make sure you check all the specs on your TV and amplifier to avoid the common pitfalls listed above.

You can also find a more detailed TV connection guide here.

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