Lithe Audio Nano Suction Smart Phone or Tablet Stand Now In Stock

by Craig Walker

We're committed to not only bring you the best in home audio, but also the best and most useful accessories to go with it!

So when Lithe Audio sent us a sample of the new phone stand we were very excited!

It's a simple product, but as they say the simple ones are the best ones!



The smart phone stand is beautifully crafted out of aluminium with a stylish black finish and a subtle screen-printed Lithe Audio logo. It looks good.

Both the smaller and large faces feature a nano suction technology that'll grip your device* yet leave no residue, require no sticky pads, magents or other mounts.

Just press it to the surface and it's mounted!

It also comes with a very handy plastic hook for use with devices in a case.



The Lithe Audio stand has proved very useful, I now have one by my bed for night time charging, one on the kitchen counter for charging and streaming to my Lithe Audio bluetooth ceiling speakers, one on my desk at home (great for watching Netflix on the iPad whilst working!) and another at the office.

As I said before, such a simple product that's well thought out, nicely designed and cost-effective. No more cables all over the place or putting my phone on a wet kitchen counter.

There are nano-suction surfaces on both sides so you can stick it to the counter as well meaning it stays in place even when you're tapping away changing the music.

If you stream music from your phone to your speakers then this is a must-have accessory!


Get yours by clicking here.

* devices with a case will require use of the included hook, tablets larger than an iPad mini may not be suitable.