Tenor Bluetooth Mirror Radio - Hands On Review

Tenor Bluetooth Mirror Radio - Hands On Review

The Tenor bluetooth mirror radio is a bathroom mirror with a big difference!


Bluetooth Mirror Radio Features

  • DAB & FM Radio Tuner
  • LED Lighting
  • De-Mister to stop the mirror from steaming up
  • Hands free "wave" light switch
  • Built in speakers
  • Touch sensitive controls


In The Box

The bluetooth mirror radio arrives well packed in thick cardboard with "Fragile" labelling, once opened there is more thick corrugated cardboard covering a foam inner core. The mirror itself has a plastic protective cover.

You get an easy to use template to make installation a breeze and you also get a fully functioned, waterproof remote control.


Hands On - Our Thoughts

Looking at the picture of the Tenor bluetooth mirror radio is deceiving, it's not until you see the unit in front of you that you realise how much of a statement the unit makes. The audio quality is surprisingly good and definitely better than we expected. The controls are very easy to use, you can be listening to your favourite radio station with one button press.

The lights are very sleek, LED lighting to a mirror is not unique, but this one is functional as well as pretty. The vertical lighting means you can actually see what you're doing in the mirror. It's not just for decoration.

The unit is bigger than the picture implies so check the measurements before you order. It's certainly an impressive size and feature list for the price.



The bluetooth mirror radio is relatively easy to install, but bear in mind it's connecting to 230v electrics so you should get a qualified electrician to install it for you. If you are having it surface mounted then it's a simple case of using the included template to install some screws into the wall, install an electrical back box as per the template with a permanent power supply. Then simply connect the 3 core power cable and hang the mirror on the screws just like a picture.

The bluetooth mirror radio can also be flush mounted, to do this you need to remove the existing wave light control mounted on the bottom and connect to a light switch elsewhere i.e the main bathroom lights or a separate switch, you then need to disconnect the two existing side mounted speakers and wire in your own ceiling speaker. You will also need to connect an external DAB aerial.


The Downsides?

For such a big unit it would be nice to feature some storage space, maybe with a hinged front. However it's only a minor issue and wouldn't stop us putting it in our bathrooms.


Things To Consider

We recommend that you install a DAB aerial point to the mirror rather than relying on the built in extendable aerial. If you live in a good DAB reception area then you should be fine with the built in, but for most the DAB reception isn't amazing. So if you are planning a bathroom re-fit including this DAB mirror radio then definitely allow for that aerial point!


The Tenor bluetooth mirror radio is available for £349 by click here

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