Top 4 Sonos Alternatives For Ceiling Speakers

by Craig Walker

Here at The Kitchen & Bathroom Radio Shop we do like Sonos, it's a great system and it works very well. We'd highly recommend it and do offer some competitive packages with ceiling speakers. However, since the price increase of Feb 2017 it's pushed the system to a new pricing level. Instead of being £399 for an AMP you'll now be looking at £499..

By the time you add ceiling speakers you'll be looking in the region of £600+ which may push it above what you're really willing to pay for a music system.

So we've put together a list of Sonos alternatives that won't break the bank. It's not so much to deter you from Sonos, more so to educate of your options if, like us, your budget doesn't quite stretch to £600+ per room. You could use these as a complete alternative, or you could compliment a Sonos system with a more cost effective solution in lesser used rooms such as spare bedrooms etc.

They aren't all direct equivalents, but you might decide that the price saving is worth the small sacrifice for some of the features!


1. Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers


Simply add power, pair your phone and enjoy your music!

The speaker itself contains the amplifier and bluetooth receiver, so it's easy to install and doesn't really require much in the way of cabling.

Sound quality is great from the 50W RMS amplifier and the two way design with directional tweeter provides crisp, clear audio.

You can stream any music from your smart phone including internet radio, Spotify, Amazon Prime etc. etc.

Aside from the current lack of multi room audio capabilities out of the box you won't really find the system much different in use!

You can even get the bluetooth names changed for when you have more than one speaker in a property, when you connect via bluetooth it'll say "Kitchen Speaker" or anything else you like! You'll always know which room you're connecting to.


Price = £199.99 for single £269.99 for pair

SAVE £390 Per Room Compared To Sonos Equivalent

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2. Systemline E50 In Wall Amplifier


If you're wanting a music system with a physical in wall keypad that's always there when you want to turn your music on or adjust the volume then look no further than the Systemline E50.

The sleek glossy black panel fits in a standard two gang electrical back box for easy installation.

Once you wire up the 6.5" ceiling speakers and provide power to the keypad you'll be able to pair and stream music from your smart phone or tablet.

With the E50 you'll also find a 3.5mm input on the front, and the rear. You could connect your TV for better sound in the kitchen. Or let your friends plug in their MP3 players when they visit.


Price = £249 including speakers

SAVE £340.99 Per Room Compared To Sonos Equivalent

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3. KB Sound Select BT


This one has a unique feature that other bluetooth ceiling speakers miss. An FM Radio! It's pretty clever too, you can simply turn it on from the iOS or Android app and start playing your favourite radio stations!

You'll also be able to connect via bluetooth and stream any content from your phone or tablet including Spotify, Deezer etc.

With the remotely mounted module you can easily pair it with a number of different ceiling speakers, or use the ones included with the two available kits - 2.5" and 5"


Price = £209.99 for 2.5" kit £234 for the 5" kit

SAVE £355.99 Per Room Compared To Sonos Equivalent

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4. Denon HEOS


This ones a true like-for-like equivalent to Sonos!

It follows the same format, so for ceiling speakers you'd use a Denon HEOS AMP and control it from an app!

Slightly more powerful than the Sonos and you can also stream directly via Bluetooth. You'll also be able to add a combination of ceiling speakers and free standing all-in-one speakers just like you can with Sonos.

The only feature it misses is an alarm clock! May not be important to some but it is a strange oversight by Denon.

For now they appear to have held pricing so you'll be able to pick up an AMP for a decent price.

Price = £489.99 for AMP + 6.5" QI65CB Ceiling Speakers

SAVE £100 Per Room Compared To Sonos Equivalent

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