What Is Bluetooth Re-Naming & Why Is It Important?

by Craig Walker

If you've ever used any bluetooth speaker in the past you'll know that when you connect to it, it'll have a name.

i.e "Lithe Audio BT" or "FordConnect" in your car...

That's fine when you've got one speaker or device, you'll know what you're connecting to.

But what happens if you have installed 5 pairs of Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers around your home?


Lithe Audio Bluetooth Re-Naming ServiceAs you can imagine, trying to enjoy some music in the kitchen could mean you scare the living daylights out of someone in the lounge when the music turns on full blast because you've connected to the wrong speaker!

In this situation you really want a speaker that either a) has a built in bluetooth naming option or b) opt for custom bluetooth re-naming on the Lithe Audio Ceiling Speakers

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Re-Naming Service

That's Better!

The above example is with the Lithe Audio Bluetooth speakers which we can create custom names for you at time of purchase. Below is a list of all the systems that offer a bluetooth renaming feature and how the feature works.



Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

At Purchase = We can rename the bluetooth code to anything you choose, this can only be done by us or the manufacturer at time of purchase. As this is a custom option it means we can call it whatever you like! i.e "Kitchen Speakers" or "Bathroom" or even "Craig's Music Room" the only limitation is that it must be under 26 characters in total (including spaces).


Systemline E100

User Changeable = Software setting of up to 9 different bluetooth names starting as Systemline 01 to 09


Systemline E50

User Changeable = Small DIP switch on the rear of the unit which changes the bluetooth code from Systemline E50 01 to 09


Keene Bluetooth Express

User Changeable = Small DIP switch on the rear of the unit which changes the bluetooth code from KeeneEXP1 to KeeneXP8


KB Sound SelectBT

User Changeable = Change the bluetooth name via the app, you can change the text to anything you like, just like the Lithe Audio speakers.