What Is Gesture Control?

by Craig Walker

Gesture control is rapidly growing in popularity and is now being adopted by more technologies such as home automation and home audio, but what is gesture control?


In short, gesture control is simply the ability to recognise movements and translate them into a digital control which allows you to interact with a piece of technology.

Even shorter... wave your finger, volume goes up! Wave your hand, change track...


Gesture control is designed for speed and ease of use, imagine just waving your hand to turn your lights on, or sliding your hand sideways to change music track.


What's This Got To Do With Radios?


Gesture control hasn't really been used in audio devices until now, the Systemline E50 built in bluetooth radio features full gesture control for changing tracks, volume etc.

It's the first built in radio system to feature this, and when you think about the applications, you'll see why it's a good thing.


  • Bathrooms - wet hands, no need to touch the unit to adjust volume.
  • Kitchen - cooking? making a cake? waving your hand to change the volume or track saves needing to wipe down the radio unit!
  • And how about some more obscure uses?
  • Doctors / Dental Surgery - change volume and track without touching the unit solving hygiene issues - no need to remove gloves.



Gesture control is something that will become more and more popular in every day technology, for now, the only built in radio system that features gesture control is the Systemline E50 available here https://kitchenbathroomradio.co.uk/systemline-e50-in-wall-bluetooth-music-system-inc-ceiling-speakers