What is the difference between the Systemline E200 and the new E100?

by Craig Walker

The Systemline E200 has always been our most popular kitchen or bathroom radio system, it's easy to see why with the amazing in wall keypad and the great features. Recently Systemline have released the new E100 system and we have had a lot of questions asking just what is the differences between the Systemline E200 and the Systemline E100?



Both the Systemline E200 and the E100 are at the same price of £397/£399, they both include the in wall keypad, the wiring kit and a set of 6.5" Q Acoustics in ceiling speakers.



Both kits look identical! They both feature the same great in wall keypad with the touch pad that makes the Systemline E200 so popular. The physical on-the-wall end result is identical with both products.



This is where the Systemline E100 differs from the Systemline E200.

The Systemline E200 features an in wall keypad, but a separate amplifier hub unit which you would site away from the keypad, i.e in a kitchen cupboard or in the loft space. You then install one cable to the keypad unit.

The Systemline E100 removes this external hub and works simply from the keypad itself, this means you simply install all wiring to the keypad position and connect to the back of the keypad itself. This can make for a tidier installation.


Pros & Cons

Systemline E200 Pros - The external amplifier hub can sometimes make installation easier whereby you can install the amplifier unit in a cupboard somewhere and then simply install one cable to the keypad itself. However this is also a "con" as it does mean more wiring and limits the placement of your keypad as you must use the included connection cable.

Another E200 "con" is that it has one auxiliary input (3.5mm OR RCA) but an external bluetooth unit, so to connect via bluetooth you use up this auxiliary input which can be a problem if you also want to connect a TV or iPod dock.

Systemline E100 Pros - The E100 is easier to wire as you simply install 2 x speaker cables + aerial cable to the keypad position, then install the included power adapter to the keypad position and you're complete!

Another BIG pro is that it has built in bluetooth AND a 3.5mm auxiliary jack, this means you can connect your phone easily and also connect another source to the unit such as a TV or media streamer.



All in all there isn't a great deal between the Systemline E200 and the E100, they are both amazing kitchen radio systems and both offer amazing value for money. If you are definitely having a TV in your kitchen and want to utilise your kitchen radio then go for the E100. If you are installing it in your bathroom and want ease of installation then use the Systemline E200 where you can install the amplifier unit above the loft space and just install one cable down to the unit.

You can buy the Systemline E200 Here or the Systemline E100 Here