Hamilton Audio WSA50 APPIO - How to group zones

by Aiden Tingley


One of Hamilton Audio's best selling features is that they work over the Wifi protocol. With that they have also ensured that the amplifiers and wireless speakers can talk together even though they are not wired together.

This allows you to group multiple zones together so that the same music plays in perfect sync across the grouped speakers.

How to Group Zones with Hamilton Audio 

  1. Open the Hamilton App.

  2. Click and hold a zone you want to group.

  3. Drag that zone into another zone you want to play together.

  4. This will group these 2 zones together under 1.

  5. You can play music to the group.

  6. You can add more zones to the group.

How to Remove Zones from a Group with Hamilton Audio

  1. Open the Hamilton app.

  2. Click and drag the zone you want to remove.

  3. Drag the zone into a empty area to ungroup it.