Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Overview - 2020 Model Update

by Aiden Tingley

The best selling Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling has been updated for 2020 with a host of useful new features that make it even better.

In the video I cover all of the features, how to set up the speakers and we'll cover some of the key features such as customising the Bluetooth name and connecting in the slave speaker.


aptX Chipset: Now with an aptX lossless chipset you'll get the best sound quality and lossless streaming making it now possible to connect to compatible televisions

Bluetooth 5.0: With the Bluetooth 5.0 chipset you benefit from the very latest Bluetooth version and an extended 30M range.

Customisation: There is now a free customisation app that allows you to easily rename the Bluetooth and add a PIN code yourself.

The 2020 version is available to buy here.