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KB Sound Mando BT In Wall Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System - Metal Edition - K&B AudioKB Sound Mando BT In Wall Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System - Metal Edition - K&B Audio
QTX KAD-2BT FM Radio & Bluetooth Speaker System inc. 4 x 6.5" In Ceiling Speakers - K&B AudioQTX KAD-2BT FM Radio & Bluetooth Speaker System inc. 4 x 6.5" In Ceiling Speakers - K&B Audio

Here you'll find an unbeatable range of bluetooth ceiling speaker solutions from top brands.

You'll also benefit from our un-rivalled support, free design services and competitive prices. 


At K&B Audio you'll find a wide range of bluetooth ceiling speakers from top brands

ALL-IN-ONE: Active ceiling speakers such as the popular Lithe Audio range are plug and play. They feature a built in amplifier to the ceiling speaker which reduces wiring making it much easy to install.

DAB/FM RADIO: Some of our Bluetooth ceiling speakers also feature an FM or DAB radio tuner such as the Systemline E100 or the KB Sound Select Star. This gives you wireless streaming but also the ability to listen to radio at the touch of a button.

2.1 SYSTEMS: For extra bass look for a separate amplifier and speaker package with a subwoofer output such as the Tangent Ampster BT II. When paired with a suitable subwoofer you'll get an amazing sound quality.  


BLUETOOTH RANGE: Most Bluetooth ceiling speakers have a range of 8-10 metres which is usually adequate, some however such as the Lithe Audio have an extended range of up to 30m. 

TV CONNECTION: You can also connect most of our systems to a television, this is great for kitchens, bedrooms etc. you can enjoy your TV with room filling sound. Look for an AUX input if you want to do this.

SMART SPEAKER COMPATIBILITY: Another popular feature is compatibility with smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. When connected you can use your smart speaker as normal but the sound will come through the speaker system in much better quality!


Q. What Is The Bluetooth Range

A. Most systems have a range of up to 10 metres. Some of our bluetooth speakers have a wall mounted panel which would be mounted within the room you want to add music to however if you are using a remotely mounted amplifier like the Keene Bluetooth Express or KB Sound iSelect We recommend keeping the bluetooth receiver/amplifier as close to the room as possible.

Q. How Many Devices Can I Connect?

A. All bluetooth speakers can only connect to one device at any one time. But most can pair to multiple phones ready to quickly connect when you want to use the speaker. There is a limit to this though, most systems can pair to about 4 devices at any one time. Further devices can be added by "Forgetting" a previous device. If in doubt please ask us for advice. The Systemline E100 can pair to 9 devices at any one time (only one can connect and play at any one time though!)

Q. Is Bluetooth The Best Connection Method?

A. In our experience and testing, YES! Bluetooth is easy to use, it is reliable and it is built into the vast majority of smart phones, tablets, computers and even MP3 players. This means that your device is almost guaranteed to work with any of our bluetooth speaker systems. Sound quality is excellent and you can stream any content from your phone including internet radio, music services like Spotify and much more.

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