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Housed in 100% medium-density fiberboard (MDF), this R1010BT is the revisitation of the Edifier classic, the R1000TCN.

Featuring 4" bass drivers and 3/4" silk-diaphragm tweeter drivers, R1010BT bookshelf speaker is engineered to deliver commanding sound with subtlety and details.

The perfect set of bookshelf speakers to compliment your laptop or desktop setup. Useful for watching YouTube videos, movies, playing games or listening to music.

The R1010BT bookshelf speakers let you connect up to two Bluetooth devices at the same time. Perfect for connecting your laptop and phone at the same time over Bluetooth.

Ceramic-paper cone drivers deliver powerful a bass vibration.

Ceramic paper is a superior material that provides a clear bass response. For a personalized listening experience, you'll find the bass and volume adjustment dials at the back of this bookshelf speaker.

R1010BT also features dual stereo line-in ports, with dynamic treble enhancement on port A. Most of all, it is Bluetooth ready.


  • 4" Bass Drivers

  • 3/4 Silk - Diaphraghm Tweeter Drivers

  • The Perfect Set Of Bookshelf Speakers

  • Will Compliment Your Laptop Or Desktop

Technical Specifications

  • Total power output: R/L 12W+12W

  • Signal to noise ratio ≥85dBA

  • Frequency Response: 70Hz-20KHz

  • Input sensitivity: LINE IN A: 700mV+50mV | LINE IN B: 500mV±50mV | Bluetooth: 400mV+50mFFS

  • Input Type: RCA (x2)

  • Base Driver: 4 inch (106cm)

  • Dimension: 6in x 9.5in x 7in (WxHxD)


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