Multiroom Audio Example Systems

Multi Room Audio Example Systems

Some example case studies to show you what can be achieved with multi room audio.

We have put together some example scenarios below to help you understand the products you may need for your next Multi-room audio project.

The people and projects below are mostly fictitious but cover a host of real world audio project questions which may arise.

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Downstairs Renovation

Project Details

Mr & Mrs Jones are a young couple who like to entertain, having regular dinner parties at home. They decided to renovate their ground floor and create an open plan living space. They wanted to have seamless music across the spaces where they could listen to music throughout, or just in sections of the space.

They also wanted to make it easy for their friends and guests to connect to the system and play their music without having to download apps.

The Solution

The perfect solution here was the iEAST Play system. With a StreamAMP i50B installed in each area they could control them from their smart phones and play from a whole world of internet music including radio stations and apps such as Spotify.

The IEAST system also features Bluetooth, AirPlay and DLNA so their friends can easily cast music to the system without needing to download a special app.

What Was Achieved

Mr. and Mrs. Jones now have the ability to play music in perfect sync across the entire downstairs in perfect sync. Mr. Jones is able to listen to his Radio whilst Mrs. Jones listens to Spotify in the kitchen at the same time.

The entire system is controlled by their mobile phones from the app where they can choose what they want to play and the can also control the volume of each zone.

How Much Did It Cost?

Item Cost Qty Total
iEAST StreamAMP-i50 £269.99 3 £809.97
Q Install QI65CB 6.5" (Pair) £99.99 3 £299.97

Total Cost: £1109.94


Modernize Upstairs

Project Details

Gary and his 3 teenage boys wanted to upgrade their house with some new smart tech, starting with audio. The house had recently been re-decorated so running cables around and causing damage was a strict no-no!

He wanted something that teenage boys could play their own music in their bedrooms, but he also wanted to control the volume remotely from his phone to avoid any late night bedroom parties!

Gary also wanted some music in the master bedroom room with ensuite.

The Solution

The best solution was the Lithe Audio WiFi ceiling speakers. These are an all-in-one plug and play unit, they simply need to be powered from the lighting circuit and connected to WiFi.

Each of the boys bedrooms were approx. 4m x 4m so a single speaker was used in each room.

For the master bedroom Gary wanted to listen to music in both the bedroom and the en-suite, we recommended a master speaker for the bedroom with a passive IP44 speaker in the en-suite.

What Was Achieved

Gary is relatively competent at DIY so he marked out and installed the speakers himself. He needed an electrician simply to add a power supply from each rooms lighting circuit, which was quite easy thanks to the loft space access.

Now Gary and his three kids can all enjoy their own music in their respective bedrooms whilst Gary keeps a watchful finger over the volume control via his smartphone!

How Much Did It Cost?

Item Cost Qty Total
Lithe Audio Wifi Speaker £329.99 4 £1319.96
Lithe Audio IP44 Passive Speaker £100.00 1 £100.00

Total Cost: £1419.96


Whole House New Build

Project Details

Mr. Lee was building a whole new house to rent out and he wanted to make sure his build was attractive to a professional tenants.

To do this he wanted to include a whole home audio solution that would allow them to listen to music where ever they are. He also wanted to ensure that the solution was reliable and easy to use for future tenants of all technical abilities.

The Solution

Mr. Lee went chose the KB Sound Soundaround system with a wall panel in each room. The system is controlled by an easy to use an app called Allplay Jukebox. It also features Bluetooth streaming for local playback in the rooms.

With the addition of Bluetooth it also made the system universal and means it can be used even if the tenant chooses not to have any broadband internet.

What Was Achieved

The end result allowed any new tenants in Mr. Lee's property to play their music in one room, or all rooms of the home. They could also easily connect to each zone via Bluetooth to the wall panel that is located in every zone.

The system is easy to use and very reliable thanks to all of the amplifiers being hard wired to the router.


How Much Did It Cost?

Item Cost Qty Total
KB Sound SoundAround £329.99 6 £1979.94
Q Install QI65C 6.5" HD Speakers (Pair) £174.99 5 £874.95
Q Install QI65CW ST 6.5" IP4X Rated Wet Room Stereo Speaker £180.00 1 £180.00

Total Cost: £3034.89