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The AQ-RF-6UBT handheld spa remote control is for use with all Aquatic AV ‘6-series’ spa stereos.


  • Handheld Remote Control
  • Charges via USB
  • Waterproof/Dustproof (IP66)
  • 2-Way RF (Radio Frequency) communication
  • 40ft range

The AQ-RF-6UBT handheld spa remote control is for use with all Aquatic AV ‘6-series’ spa stereos.

The AQ-RF-6UBT waterproof remote control is handheld, battery operated, floats and has a range of over 40ft.

2-way communication with the spa stereo allows control of your system remotely while viewing song, track and other system information on the back-lit LCD screen.

Using RF (Radio Frequency) technology the AQ-RF-6UBT waterproof remote control provides a far greater range, and does not require ‘line of sight’ control, when compared with Infra Red remote controls.

The handheld spa remote control battery can be re-charged using the USB charging cable (included) connected to your Aquatic AV stereo, or other devices with USB connection points such as a computer or laptop.

The AQ-RF-6UBT handheld spa remote control comprises of three components: RF Handset/Transmitter; RF Receiver (connects to stereo); USB Charging Cable.

Note: The RF Receiver is only required when using stereos with a ‘6BT’ part number suffix (e.g. AQ-DM-6BT or AQ-BC-6BT). It is not required for use with any stereos with a ‘6UBT’ part number suffix, as the receiver is already built in to these models. 


Type: Handheld RF Remote Control
RF Range: 40ft
Waterproof: Yes – IP66 & CFR46 compliant
LCD: Yes
Power Requirements: 5V DC (via USB)
Standby Charge: 15 days. 1x Lithium Polymer battery
UV Protection: ASTM D4329, 500hrs stable
Salt/Fog Protection: ASTM B117, 500hrs stable
Dimensions (HxWxD): 138 x 66 x 20mm
Accessories: USB charging cable (included)
Additional Features: Charges via USB
Floating design

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