Current Audio 70W 8 Channel 4 Zone Stereo Amplifier

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D-Force describes the latest digital technology in amplifiers by Current Audio. The D-Force amplifiers generate the equivalent analog output for speakers by using a modulated audio signal rather than the traditional digital to analog conversion. The amp is a Class D configuration (D does not stand for 'digital' but merely refers to the next letter after Class C). It does exhibit a digital-like output because the outputs are generated by turning the signal completely ON and OFF.

Dual Power Mode - Input power is switchable from 110VAC to 220VAC.

3 Prong Plug - Grounded input power for Safety.

Master Power Switch - Rear panel switch to cut power for service or hook-up.

Multi-Stage Protection - Each pair of channels/zones is individually protected with internal circuitry and is indicated on the front bi-color LEDs. The amp will shut down a bad zone if it senses a short or is overdriven. ONLY the channels that are affected will turn Off and indicates by the LED turning from blue to red thus pointing to the channel in distress. The remaining zones will run unaffected and continue to provide sound without shutting down all zones.

AUX, Global and/or Individual Inputs – One input signal can be universally distributed to all zones or the user can individually dedicate one or more zones to have a unique separate input. The other zones will still play the global input.

Gain Adjustments – There is a global gain control that sets the maximum level to all zones. In addition, each zone has its own separate gain control to allow the user to customize each zone to match the acoustics of that room. This also sets the maximum loudness of each room.

Installer Friendly Connections – Each speaker channel has pull off plugs to allow the user to make wire connections up to #14 gauge with positive screw down terminals. The IEC power cord can be disconnected at the amp for easy service. All inputs are made by easy connect gold plated RCA plugs.

Bridging – If more power is required for perhaps an outside area, two channels may be combined (Bridged) to provide 140 watts at 8 ohms. This is accomplished simply by a selector switch at each zone. CAUTION: Turn power off when making change and always maintain an 8 ohm load when in the Bridge mode.

Rack Mount – packed with each amp is an accessory pack that include brackets allowing the amp to be rack mountable. This is accomplished by attaching the rack ears with the 4 included screws.

Power Mode – Power is toggled ON/OFF by the front power switch and is indicated buy the corresponding LED. It can also be triggered ON/OFF by a 12 VDC signal on the rear 3.5mm Trigger in jack. Front Power button must be in standby mode to operate trigger. LED must be red. The tip of the plug is (+).


  • Continuous Power Output (All Channels Driven) : 70 Watts RMS at 4 ohms; 50 Watts at 8 ohms
  • Bridged Power Output (All Channels Driven) : 140 Watts per channel RMS at 8 ohms (Caution: Maintain an 8 ohm load in the bridged mode)
  • Standby Power : < 1 watt
  • Power Consumption : 1100 watts
  • Input Sensitivity/Impedance : 500mv /20,000 ohms
  • Signal to Noise Ratio : 95 db
  • Frequency Response : 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion : 0.1% THD 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Dimensions 432mm [W] x 102mm [D] x 330mm [H]
  • Net Weight 11340g
  • Gross Weight 11500g


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