KB Sound Mando BT In Wall Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System - Metal Edition


Speaker Size: 2.5"
Colour: Stainless Steel
Sale price£149.00
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  • No clutter - Size of Single Gang Socket
  • Extremely easy to use, One button start
  • Can be paired with any device with Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Signal range is 8-10 meters.
  • Connect a local 3.5mm audio device (TV, Radio etc.)
  • Unique Bluetooth coding allows you to install multiple units around the home without any interference.
  • Volume Limit Switch
  • Stereo / Mono Switch

The KB Sound Mando BT is our easiest to use bluetooth ceiling speaker systems!

It's also one of the most stylish with the high-quality stainless steel or polished chrome plates.

If you're looking to add some background music to your kitchen, bedroom, study or any other room of your home then the KB Sound Mando is a safe choice.

Fitting into a standard 1G electrical backbox the Mando is easily installed and has options of 2.5" or 5" ceiling speakers. We recommend the 2.5" for really small rooms and the 5" for anything a bit bigger, both sound good but the 5 inchers have a bit more volume and you'll benefit from better low and midrange.

The KB Sound Mando will look great on your wall and it'll nicely match in with other stainless steel or chrome wiring accessories.

You also get some really handy additional features such as a volume limit switch which is great for kids bedrooms, guest bedrooms and hotel rooms etc.

There is also a mono switch, with this enabled you could place one speaker in the bedroom and one in the en-suite for a basic dual room setup.


    The KB Sound Mando BT In Wall Bluetooth™ Audio Receiver is simple to operate:

    1. Turn on Bluetooth™ on your device (eg smartphone, tablet)
    2. Press and hold the button on the front of the In-Wall Bluetooth™ Audio Receiver for 4 seconds
    3. That’s it, you’re connected!

    You can now stream any audio from your Bluetooth™enabled device.


    The KB Sound Mando BT in wall bluetooth receiver amplifier simply installs in a deep 1G electrical back box, you then simply connect the two supplied speakers to the unit, connect the remote power supply and you can stream your music!

    The bluetooth in wall receiver has a unique identification code so you can install multiple units in one area and stream your phone independently to each unit.


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