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The KB Sound Select BT is one of the most innovative speakers on the market. And here's why...

Not only will you gain bluetooth streaming from your smart phone or tablet, allowing you to enjoy all of your favourite music in your kitchen or bathroom in high quality. You'll also get access to an FM Radio!

This makes the Select BT unique, normally you'd need to chase wires down your walls for in wall keypads. No longer! Just open up the app, turn the radio on and choose your favourite FM Radio station.

Now you can enjoy the radio in the shower whilst you get ready for work.

Listen to your music library in the kitchen when you have a dinner party with your friends.

You could even get Spotify in the bedroom.

Music Sources

The musical world is your oyster.

Stream music from Spotify.

Play videos on YouTube and hear them through the flush mount ceiling speakers. Great for cooking videos in the kitchen!

Access your music library and power-up your home workout with a bit more volume!

Chill out in the bath to your favourite radio station. Internet radio or FM radio!

Whatever your favourite music is, the KB Sound Select BT will give you the ability to enjoy it in your home.

Music Streaming Services

FREE KB Sound App

The KB Sound Select BT is completely app controlled. No more losing the physical remote controller!

When you buy the KB Sound Select BT you get a completely free and very simple to use app for iOS or Android.

The app lets you turn the radio on and off. You can adjust the volume, change the radio station and even change the bass and treble to suit your preferences!

But don't worry, you're not limited to the app!

Initiate bluetooth mode and your phone becomes the link between a world of music and your kitchen!


KB Sound App

What You Get

1 x KB Sound Select BT Bluetooth Radio Module

1 x FM Antenna (0.76 Metres)

1 x Speaker Cable (5 Metres)

1 x User Manual

1 x FREE App for iOS/Android

Please note this module does not come with speakers.

Music In Every Room

The problem with bluetooth is if you have more than one of the same device around your phone will see "Speaker 1, Speaker 1, Speaker 1" that's no good if you have one in the bedroom and the bathroom, you don't want to wake your partner by blaring the bedroom speaker when you were trying to listen to the radio in the bathroom at 6am!

No need to worry about that with the Select BT though! You can re-name each module to whatever you want. Change the bathroom to read "Bathroom" and the bedroom to read "Bedroom".

Now you'll always know which room you're connecting to.

Note, you can install more than one of these in your home and use them all separately. However you can't sync them to play the same music.

Speakers Options

Adding more speakers to the KB Sound Select BT is an easy task. The amplifier can take up to two pairs of speakers directly connected.

You can also add a slave zone which you can then turn on and off from the app itself!

What's even better is the main zone can have two pairs of speakers as well as the slave zone! So if you have a large kitchen needing four speakers that's fine, then you can still add an extra pair of outdoor speakers to the patio if you wanted!

Select BT Slave Zones

The unique feature of the KB Sound Select BT is that you can have an app-controlled salve zone!

With the slave zone you can easily add music to a second room of your home, or even the patio!

Both rooms will play the same music, and you can turn each area on/off via the app.

Designed for close-by areas such as the kitchen + dining room, kitchen + patio and the bedroom + en-suite!

2.5" Ceiling Speakers

5" Ceiling Speakers

4" Outdoor Speakers

6.5" Single Stereo Ceiling Speaker

How To Install

Adding the KB Sound Select BT bluetooth speaker to your home is a relatively easy three step task.

Step 1: Install the ceiling speakers in your desired room.

Step 2: Connect the KB Sound Select BT amplifier to the power above the ceiling (you can also install it in a cupboard or other location), this just requires a direct 230v electrical connection, connect the speakers in and connect the included FM aerial.

Step 3: Pair your smart phone, download the KB Sound Select BT app and enjoy your music!


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