KB Sound Select Star FM / DAB Dual Zone Indoor Ceiling Speaker Bundle

KB SoundSKU: TB7184

Tuner: FM
Speaker Pair 1: 2.5"
Speaker Pair 2: 2.5"
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  • Amazon echo and Google Home Compatible
  • FM & DAB+ (Optional)
  • App Controlled
  • Optional Remote Control
  • Dual Zone System

Are you looking for a Radio ceiling speaker system to cover multiple areas of your home? This system will allow you play music in two areas at once but also allow you to turn of the 2nd zone so that you are only playing in your main area.

Either from the app of the optional remote control you are able to turn on or off your sub zone. 

The KB Sound star system has built in Bluetooth so that you can play music from almost all smart devices such as your phone, tablet and most laptops. Once you have connected your device, anything you play will play through the system either on the first or both zones. 

The Bluetooth on Star is pin free, this means you can connect an Amazon echo device or Google Nest assistant to the speakers via Bluetooth. That way you can ask your smart assistant to play music.  

With the built in radio you can tune into your favourite stations across the FM and DAB+ band. The star comes with a basic aerial so it is advised to either wire into an existing aerial (F Connector) or purchase our DAB aerial kit. 


Wiring this dual zone system is super easy as per the diagram within the images. Essentially each pair of speaker has its own amp that needs to be powered via 2 core power cable. Then each amplifier connects to the speakers via speaker cable.

After you have connected both speakers to their own amp, you just need to run the Star link cable (4 Core signal cable) between the 2 amplifiers. Make sure you position the master amplifier where you want your master zone.


1 x KB Sound Star Amplifier (FM OR FM & DAB+)

1 x Pair of Speakers With IR (2.5" or 5")

1 x Wiring kit (Speaker Cable, 4 core IR Cable, short aerial)

1 x Slave Amplifier

1 x Pair of Speakers (2.5" or 5")

1 x 10M Star Link cable (4 Core Signal Cable)



  • Power Output: 10+10W (4Ω), 5+5W (8Ω), 2,5+2,5W (16Ω).
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Dimensions: 200mm x 53mm x 56mm (WxHxD)
  • Inputs: F type connector (radio antenna), 230Vac (mains supply),
  • Outputs: Speaker connector (left, right, common ground)
  • Other: LED and infrared sensor connector (for master speaker)


  • Dimensions: 95mm diameter x 36 mm depth
  • Cutout: 76mm diameter
  • Power Handling: 3W (nominal) 5W (max)
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Frequency: 170Hz-12Khz
  • Colour Options: White


  • Dimensions: 182mm diameter x 57mm depth
  • Cutout: 150mm diameter
  • Power Handling: 10W (nominal) 20W (max)
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Frequency: 90Hz-20Khz

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