Lithe Audio Bluetooth Bedroom & En-Suite Ceiling Speaker Bundle

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Volume Control Colour: Stainless Steel
Amazon Echo Compatible: No, Standard PIN Protected
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This bedroom and en-suite bundle has been created using our most popular Lithe Audio bluetooth ceiling speakers.

With the Lithe Audio bluetooth ceiling speakers you can simply pair your smart phone or tablet and play any content wirelelessly in high quality.

The speakers are high quality, very easy to use and easy to install.

You can also wirelessly connect an Amazon Echo to the speaker for hands-free music activation! Just ask Alexa to play your music and the speakers will spring to life.

This bespoke bundle was created due to popular demand, it is a very cost effective way to add music to both your bedroom and your en-suite.

The master speaker in the en-suite will always play your music, however the speaker in the bedroom is wired via a wall mounted volume control switch which can be turned down or off. We use the master in the en-suite as it is feasible that someone will listen to music in the shower whilst someone else watches TV in bed.


  • Plug & Play Design

  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming

  • AUX Input On Rear For Connecting TV & Other Audio Sources

  • Volume Limit Switch

  • Cost Effective Method Of Adding Music To Two Adjoining Rooms

What You Get

1 x Lithe Audio IP44 Master Bluetooth Speaker (En-Suite Bathroom)

1 x Lithe Audio Standard Passive Speaker (Bedroom)

1 x Stainless Steel Volume Control Switch (Bedroom)

15m x 2 Core Speaker Cable

How It Works

Once your smart phone or tablet is paired you can simply connect your device and stream your music.

The bathroom will always play music, with the volume control you can adjust the volume or turn off the bedroom.

Why do we do it this way round?

In our experience it is more common for a shared bedroom to want to listen to music in the en-suite whilst someone else watches TV in the bedroom. With the volume control installed in the bedroom you'll be able to turn off the bedroom, or adjust the volume down.

The volume control will allow you to turn the volume DOWN in the bedroom, however it will always be the same or quieter than the en-suite bathrooms volume.


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