QED WM17 In Wall Speaker Switch (Series)


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The QED WM17 in wall speaker selector switch enables you to connect two pairs of speakers to an amplifier.

You can then select between the speakers, or play both pairs at the same time. Perfect for kitchen + dining room setups or kitchen + patio etc.

The QED WM17 selector switch can be connected to amplifiers up to 150W per channel.

It is wired in series to ensure your amplifier is protected, for example if you connect two pairs of 8 ohm speakers the amplifier will see 8 ohms with one pair in operation and 16 ohms when both speakers are playing.

You can use lower impedance speakers with this switch, if for example you wanted to use two pairs of 6 ohm speakers with a 4 ohm stable amplifier you can use the series switch as the amplifier will see 6 ohms with one pair and 12 ohms with two pairs. (Whereas if you used a parallel switch the amplifier would see 3 ohms and risk damage)

The higher impedance will decrease volume and sound quality slightly, so we would recommend using the WM15 parallel switch with 8 ohm speakers if sound quality is important.


  • Select Between A, B or A + B
  • Compatible With Sonos & Other Popular Ceiling Speaker Systems
  • Series Switching
  • Ideal For Use With Lower Impedance Speakers (6 or 4 ohm)
  • 150W Per Channel Power Handling
  • Compatible With WM14 Volume Control

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