Systemline E50 6.5" Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System

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The Systemline E50 is a discreet but powerful Bluetooth amplifier and ceiling speaker system suitable for kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces.

With the sleek black wall mounted panel (The size of a 2 gang socket) you'll be able to listen to your favourite music streamed from your phone, tablet or any other bluetooth compatible device.

The 18W per channel amplifier is enough to fill even the largest of kitchens with party-level sound. You can even add a second pair of speakers! 

No longer will you need to charge batteries on portable speakers or move Hi-Fi systems room-to-room for family gatherings and dinner parties. With the Systemline E50 you'll simply press the on button and start streaming your music!

The cleverly-designed sleek keypad will sit proudly in any kitchen, from small country styles to high-end modern gloss kitchens. It'll be the talking point of dinner parties and you'll struggle to stop your friends playing with the amazing gesture controls!


  • Stream Music Wirelessly Via Bluetooth
  • "No Touch" Gesture Controls For Volume, Play, Pause & Skip
  • Easy To Use
  • AUX Input For TV, Record Players etc.
  • Works With Amazon Alexa (Echo Required)
  • Powerful 18W Per Channel Class D Digital Amplifier
  • Attractive Black Gloss Finish 


The Systemline E50 makes it really easy to free your music from your smart phone allowing you to enjoy high quality room filling music.

Simply pair any compatible Bluetooth smart phone, tablet or computer with secure pairing.

Anything from your phone can be enjoyed through your system. Just open your favourite apps like Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and many more and press play!


Gesture controls sets the E50 apart from any other audio system on the market. You can change the volume, skip tracks and pause the music simply by waving your hands!

Wet hands? No problem!

Covered in cake-mix? No problem!

With a quick wave you can skip that guilty-pleasure track you don't want your friends to hear!


The Systemline E50 is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa when paired with an Amazon Echo Dot (sold separately) via Bluetooth.

You'll simply be able to speak to Alexa as per normal, but the sound will come through your E50 ceiling speaker system, automatically.

Great for hands-free control of your music and internet streaming services.


The Systemline E50 features a front and a rear mounted 3.5mm AUX input making it really easy to plug in local audio devices such as televisions or turntables.

The rear mounted AUX input is ideal for permanent installations such as your TV, or to a local wall plate. The front mounted one is ideal for quick connections such as MP3 players or friends computers etc.


The Systemline E50 is easy to install for most competent DIY'ers and trade professionals such as electricians, builders etc.

Everything you need is included in the box.

All power connections are plug & play with a standard UK plug for a power supply (this can also be cut and connected into a fused spur). 

Once everything is connected and screwed back you're ready to start enjoying your music! 


Upgrade Your Ceiling Speakers To High Definition


The standard speakers included with the Systemline E50 are the Q Acoustics Install QI65CB.

At 6.5" these are capable background music ceiling speakers designed to offer great sound quality at a low cost.

These are ideal for general background music, podcasts etc.


If you're looking for better sound quality then we'd suggest upgrading to the high definition QI65C speakers.

These are a night and day difference to the QI65CB, featuring a polypropylene cone instead of cardboard and a separate tweeter for high frequencies and built in electronics crossovers.

In English that means you get more bass and a much clearer, crisper sound quality.

The high def speakers are perfect where sound quality is important as they really do sound significantly better without costing a fortune.


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