Tangent Ampster BT Two Room Ceiling Speaker System


Room 1 Speakers: Q Install QI65CB (Pair)
Room 2 Speakers: Q Install QI65CB (Pair)
Wall Mounted A/B Speaker Switch: No Switch (Both Rooms Play At The Same Time)
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Now you can enjoy music in up to two rooms of your home without needing multiple systems.

There are quite a few scenarios where you only need one "zone" to cover two rooms or areas.

For example, the kitchen & dining room or the bedroom & en-suite.

Now you can easily create your own bespoke ceiling speaker bundle to cover the most common dual room options.

Maximising your entertainment whilst keeping the costs down!

How To Create Your Own Bespoke Bundle

Step 1: Choose Speakers For Your Primary Room

Step 2: Choose Speakers For Your Secondary Room

Step 3: Decide If You Want An A/B Speaker Switch

Tangent Ampster BT


The Tangent Ampster BT is our go-to amplifier for larger rooms or those wanting a bit of extra power to their home or kitchen speaker system.

It's very easy to use, simply pair your phone, the amplifier will wake up and you can stream anything from your bluetooth smart phone or tablet!

There's also a whole host of connection including a digital optical input. You'll be able to connect your TV, CD Player, Media streamer... you name it!


  • Powerful 2 x 50 Watt Per Channel Output

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Streaming

  • Digital & Analogue Audio Inputs

  • Amazon Echo Compatible

  • Aux In

  • Stylish Remote Control

  • Wake on Bluetooth - Just Connect Your Phone & Press Play - No Buttons Or Remotes Required

  • Memory Volume

  • What Hi-Fi & Hi Fi Choice Award Winner!

Application Examples

Kitchen + Dining Room

Q Install QI65C 6.5" Speakers

Q Install QI65C 6.5" Speakers

Kitchen + Patio

Q Install QI65C 6.5" Speakers

Q Install QI45EW 4" Outdoor Speakers

Bedroom + En-Suite

Q Install QI65C-ST 6.5" Stereo Speaker

Q Install QI65CW-ST 6.5" Bathroom Stereo Speaker

Speaker Options

Q Install QI65C 6.5

Q Install QI65CB

Entry level speaker, good quality and great value for money

Q Install QI65C 6.5

Q Install QI65C

Mid range speaker, much better than the QI65CB. Better mid to high frequencies.

Q Install QI65C-ST 6.5

Q Install QI65C-ST

Same range as the QI65C, but single stereo, only one speaker required for stereo sound. Ideal for small rooms.

Q Install QI65CW-ST IP44 Bathroom 6.5

Q Install QI65CW-ST

Perfect for small bathrooms.

Q Install QI65CW IP44 Rated 6.5

Q Install QI65CW

IP44 Rated 6.5" Ceiling Speakers ideal for larger bathrooms and covered outdoor areas.

Q Install QI45EW 4

Q Install QI45EW

Available in black or white these 4" wall mounted speakers are perfect for patios, by the hot tub, etc!

Speaker Switch Options

In Wall Three Way A/B Speaker Selector Switch

A/B Selector Switch

The in wall three way selector switch allows you to select between two pairs of speakers.

You can set the following:

Room A ON, Room B OFF

Room A OFF, Room B ON

Room A ON, Room B ON

In Wall Volume Control

Volume Control

The in wall volume control allows you to control the volume in the secondary room.

You can adjust the volume down from the main room by up to 5 steps

You can also turn the music off in this room by turning the knob all the way to the left

Important Notes

Everything else you need is included in the bundle.

As always, if you need any help deciding our specialist team is available on 02392 006118 or by email & live chat.

We recommend that the two rooms are adjacent to each other, such as the kitchen & dining room or the bedroom and en-suite.

Bluetooth range is approximately 10m and speaker cable runs should ideally be less than 20m per speaker.


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