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Compact, stylish and sparkling-sounding, the Tangent CD II is the perfect CD player for enjoying your disc collection.

Quality CD Sound

High quality components are used by Danish company, tangent, to deliver a smooth and detailed sound. The robust slot-load mechanism uses fewer moving parts than a draw system, giving improved reliability.

Compact Size
Narrower than most Hi-Fi separates, the compact Tangent CD II fits tighter spaces. The matching tuner and amp make up a neat system that has the convenience of a mini system with the sound quality of separates.

System Remote Control
The supplied remote control doesn’t just operate the CD player, it also controls a full tangent system, including amplifier and tuner – making the full Tangent system every bit as convenient as an all-in-one system.

Fully Featured
Desirable features include an optical digital output – perfect for connecting to a higher quality DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor) or digital amp. The player is also compatible with MP3 files, making it ideal for playing back your MP3 mix CDs.

Get the best from your CDs, with the stylish Tangent CD II.

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