Lithe Audio WiFi Ceiling Speaker Upgraded To AirPlay 2 / HomeKit / Siri

Lithe Audio WiFi Ceiling Speaker Upgraded To AirPlay 2 / HomeKit / Siri

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The popular Lithe Audio WiFi ceiling speaker has been disrupting the home audio industry with it's high quality sound, ease of install and relatively low cost. 

But things are now even more disruptive.

As of today (16/10/2020) the Lithe Audio speakers have a free firmware upgrade that enables Apple AirPlay 2 support!

This applies to all of the Lithe WiFi speakers, so if you've recently bought one, don't worry!

Simply upgrade the firmware in the app to enable the new functionality.


Lithe Audio Airplay 2 Example


So, why is this is an awesome and much anticipated update? 

Firstly, it's the first and only all-in-one AirPlay 2 compatible ceiling speaker on the market, and keeping with Lithe Audios plug & play footsteps makes it a really easy to install solution.

Here's some of the benefits you'll now get...


Works With Airplay2 For Multiroom Audio


AirPlay 2 enables users to control all their audiovisual technology from one device.

Unlike other casting methods, Apple’s latest release allows for multi-room, multi-brand streaming.

In a few simple steps, transform your phone or tablet into your all-in-one entertainment hub.

The exciting addition of AirPlay 2 to our Wi-Fi ceiling speakers will give our customers the ability to have a mix of our Wi-Fi speakers or another brand countertop, sound-bars or TV's connected speakers for a Multi-Brand Multi-Room setup without being locked into one brand's system.


Lithe Audio WiFi Ceiling Speaker Works With Homekit


The update adds HomeKit compatibility allowing users to create Automations and link lighting, heating, security and Audio controlled through their iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Pair your music to play with motion sensors, pulse switches or alarm systems.


Lithe Audio WiFi Ceiling Speaker Works With Siri


Hey Siri... Turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat and play on your favoUrite playlist through your wireless ceiling speakers.

Communication is key, which is why our speakers can be controlled with Siri, along with the rest of your HomeKit setup.



So there you have it, the best all in one WiFi ceiling speaker just got better!

As usual we're here to help you choose the right system and speaker placement for your home audio projects, speak to our expert team for free advice.

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